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About The Pathways Schools

The Pathways Schools operate four therapeutic educational programs in Maryland's Anne Arundel, Montgomery and Prince George's counties for students aged 11 through 21 who have emotional and behavioral disabilities. The schools are approved by the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) and the District of Columbia's Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE) to operate nonpublic Type I and Type II full day educational programs.

Each school provides a comprehensive alternative day program in a small family-oriented setting of not more than 40 students.

  • state approved curriculum
  • diploma & certificate, and GED options
  • individualized instructional support
  • hands-on learning
  • remedial and life skills
  • specialized reading program
  • integrated technology &
    SMART Boards
  • community-based experiences
  • web-based student grading
Therapy & Related Services:
  • individual and group therapy
  • specialized support groups
  • family support services
  • social skills counseling
  • individualized behavior management
  • collaboration with community agencies
  • crisis intervention
  • alternative therapies
  • speech and occupational therapy
  • self-advocacy skills
  • vocational assessment
  • career exploration
  • job development and coaching
  • volunteer & competitive employment
  • post-secondary linkages with:
    • community colleges
    • trade schools
    • potential employers
    • adult service agencies

To supplement these program services, Pathways offers student activities such as: team sports, arts and music, outdoor education, and community service opportunities. In keeping with the Pathways mission, family activities are integrated into the school programs and include award presentations, holiday dinners, and parent education workshops.

The Pathways Schools’ mission is to enable students with emotional and behavioral disabilities to take responsibility for their lives and to become independent contributing members of our communities and society.

Student Art Show
"Recognizing special education is a journey with no true finish lines, just continuous opportunities to grow in a limitless future, Pathways has embraced the concept of responsibility, independence and contribution in its delivery of specialized instruction for students with emotional and behavior difficulties."

Maryland Public School System, Director of Special Education