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Employment at The Pathways Schools

Welcome to our employment opportunities page! We offer small school settings, strong team support, low staff/student ratio, professional advancement and development opportunities, and tuition assistance. This is in addition to competitive salary, health insurance, pension plan, life insurance, and other benefits. Our teachers, therapists, paraprofessionals and administrators form a collaborative team recognized for making a difference in the lives of students. Please consider joining us!

To Apply, please read the following important information:

  • Include information about your three most recent jobs (you may include more if you wish)
  • In addition to the supervisors you list under "Employment History", please provide three business or personal references under "References"
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    See below for information about our current openings.


    Edgewood (Silver Spring)
    • Develops and supervises comprehensive instructional and therapeutic programs.
    • Assures that Board and LSS Code of Student Conduct policies concerning student behavior are implemented.
    • Participates as a member of the Pathways Schools Administrative Team in regular meetings and activities
    • Implements systematic reporting to parents’ questions and concerns regarding the school’s program and their child’s academic and social progress.
    • Coordinates and facilitates the on-site student referral process.
    • Coordinates communication with staff regarding student, family and program information.
    • Participates in the admission, review, dismissal process of students at the direction of the Executive Director.
    • Participates in and facilitates IEP meetings in collaboration with the appropriate county and state officials
    • Determines materials and equipment needed to implement program
    • Recommends materials for Pathways-wide students’ handbook and develops site-specific students’ handbook
    • Develops and implements record-keeping systems to record student attendance, academic and social progress, parent contracts, serious incident reports, contacts with police and other county officials and other data needed to confirm compliance with Board policies and federal, county and state laws regulations.
    • Establishes and maintains a working professional relationship, as appropriate, with 1) community agencies and representatives, 2) LSS representatives, 3) service providers, 4) area universities, 5) public schools, and 6) occupants of shared location.
    • In cooperation with the Executive Director, plans orientation, participation in program-wide events and program evaluation.
    • Supervises and evaluates teachers, therapists and other personnel employed to provide educational or clinical services, based on a variety of performance management activities, including formal and informal observations.
    • Assesses training needs of staff at his/her site.
    • Implements a crisis prevention program in coordination with therapeutic, academic and support staff in order to proactively prevent crises and handle crises safely without the use of restraint or seclusion.
    • Recommends to Executive Director staff attendance at specific events and enrollment in courses eligible for reimbursement.
    • Recommends to Executive Director areas where staff resources, volunteers and/or contract services are needed to meet program objectives.
    • Makes budget recommendations to Executive Director and manages school expenditures to meet program objectives.
    • In consultation with Executive Director develops strategic planning goals and annual goals for program implementation and development.
    • In consultation with Executive Director, develops an annual set of objectives to be used as a basis to evaluate his/her own performance.
    • In consultation with the Executive Director and other administrators, communicates and problem-solves regarding organizational concerns such as: morale, communication and safety issues involving programs, students, families and staff.
    • Performs other duties necessary for program operation.


    Meet Maryland certification requirements for special education teacher, specifically related to teaching students with emotional and/or behavior disorders.

    Maryland certification requirements for administration and supervision is desirable


     Three years experience with students with emotional disabilities 

     Experience with program or project administration

     Experience in nonpublic special education school is desirable


    • Conduct academic and/or work experience program(s) to meet the student's academic/vocational needs as stated in the objectives of the student's IEP.
    • Planning, implementing and evaluating individual, small and large group instruction
    • Assessing student academic skills and behavioral skills in collaboration with program therapists and principals and setting individual behavioral goals
    • Reporting student progress
    • Maintaining student records
    • Developing student IEP goals and objectives


    Bachelor's in Special Education with an emphasis on emotional and/or behavior disorders

    Meet Maryland state teacher's certification requirements or Bachelor's degree with commitment to obtain and maintain certification which meet Maryland state teacher's certification requirements 

    Student teaching or two years of successful teaching experience working with students with emotional and behavior disabilities preferred. 


    Edgewood (Silver Spring) and Anne Arundel


    • work with one or two students as a teacher/tutor, mentor and job coach;
    • coordinate lesson plans with certified special education teachers;
    • coordinate behavioral support with licensed therapists at the school site;  
    • work with the student primarily in the community, which requires driving to homes and community settings throughout the local area
    MUST be willing transport students in own vehicle AND have an insured vehicle, valid driver’s license and safe driving record.

    REQUIRED - Bachelor's Degree in education or a related field (such as criminal justice or psychology).


    Experience with young adults in individual or group settings is preferred. 

    Other essential abilities and characteristics include dependability and patience.

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