The Pathways Schools' Admissions Criteria

  • Eligible students are identified as having an emotional disability as a primary disability
  • Students with the following secondary disabilities may be considered for admission: specific learning disabilities, mild intellectual disability, traumatic brain injury, autism/pervasive development disorder/Asperger’s Syndrome
  • Any student with a history of serious violence or physical destruction or with an existing serious substance (drugs or alcohol) abuse problem will be evaluated to determine the programs’ ability to meet the student’s needs

Procedures for referring a student to Pathways

  • Referral packets from the Local School System (LSS) are sent to The Pathways Schools Admissions Coordinator.
  • The Admissions Coordinator screens each referral packet and forwards it to the appropriate Pathways program.
  • The program Principal reviews the student record and schedules an interview with the student and parents/guardians.
  • If student’s needs can be met in the Pathways program, an acceptance letter is sent to the parents/guardians and LSS.
  • If another Pathways program could better serve the student, the packet is forwarded to the Principal of the other site.
  • If student is offered enrollment and accepts, the Principal and LSS Placement Specialist will schedule an IEP meeting, if necessary, to discuss changes in the child’s educational program and receive additional parental input.
  • A student may be considered for immediate placement without an interview, when deemed appropriate by the Principal, LSS, and parents/guardians.

To receive additional information and send referral packets, please contact:

Admissions Coordinator
The Pathways Schools
1106 University Blvd. West
Silver Spring, MD 20902
301-649-0778 fax 301-649-2598

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