The Pathways School Crossland Re-Entry The Pathways School Crossland Re-Entry The Pathways School Crossland Re-Entry

The Pathways School – Crossland Re-Entry

The Pathways School – Crossland Re-Entry provides academic, therapeutic and transition services for up to 30 high school students, ages 13-19 years, with emotional and behavior disabilities in order to facilitate the student’s return to the mainstream classrooms in Prince George’s County’s Crossland High School. Students may receive instruction and related services within the Pathways suite as needed. The number of mainstreamed classes is gradually increased as the student demonstrates the ability to adjust and function in the larger school environment.

The program offers high school course offerings based on Prince George’s County Public School curriculum. Through instruction and therapeutic services, the staff teaches academic subjects, social skills, and study skills to help students earn a high school diploma and prepare for post-secondary opportunities. Students may also be able to participate in extra-curricular activities offered at Crossland.

The Pathways School Program Services
  • state approved curriculum
  • diploma & certificate options
  • individualized instructional support
  • hands-on learning
  • remedial and life skills
  • specialized reading program
  • integrated technology &
    SMART Boards
  • community-based experiences
  • web-based student grading
Therapy and
Related Services:
  • individual and group therapy
  • specialized support groups
  • family support services
  • social skills counseling
  • individualized behavior management
  • collaboration with community agencies
  • crisis intervention
  • alternative therapies
  • speech and occupational therapy
  • self-advocacy skills
  • vocational assessment
  • career exploration
  • job development and coaching
  • volunteer & competitive employment
  • post-secondary linkages with:
    • community colleges
    • trade schools
    • potential employers
    • adult service agencies

To supplement these program services, Pathways offers student activities such as: team sports, arts and music, outdoor education, and community service opportunities. In keeping with the Pathways mission, family activities are integrated into the school programs and include award presentations, holiday dinners, and parent education workshops

The Pathways School
Crossland Re-Entry

6901 Temple Hill Road
Temple Hills, Maryland 20748
(301) 449-3173
fax: (301) 449-3047

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