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Northwood at Hyattsville

The Pathways School – Northwood at Hyattsville integrates academic, therapeutic, and transition services for up to 36 students in grades 6 through12 with emotional and behavioral disabilities. The middle and high school academic programs are designed to meet the requirements of the county curricula. To meet the needs of the younger students, the middle school program is tailored to provide a strong foundation as they are preparing for their transition to high school. The high school program allows students the opportunity to earn credits and to receive a Maryland or District of Columbia high school diploma or Certificate of Program Completion. Instruction for all students is tailored to promote learning at one’s ability level.

Both the middle and high school programs provide a supportive, structured environment which concentrates on increasing the student’s realization of personal, behavioral and academic goals. Students receive related services through a structured therapy program, which is integral to facilitating both the students’ academic and behavioral progress. Therapeutic services focus on helping students acquire and apply skills that will enable them to transition to the next phase of their lives.

The Pathways School Program Services
  • state approved curriculum
  • diploma & certificate options
  • individualized instructional support
  • hands-on learning
  • remedial and life skills
  • specialized reading program
  • integrated technology &
    SMART Boards
  • community-based experiences
  • web-based student grading
Therapy and
Related Services:
  • individual and group therapy
  • specialized support groups
  • family support services
  • social skills counseling
  • individualized behavior management
  • collaboration with community agencies
  • crisis intervention
  • alternative therapies
  • speech and occupational therapy
  • self-advocacy skills
  • vocational assessment
  • career exploration
  • job development and coaching
  • volunteer & competitive employment
  • post-secondary linkages with:
    • community colleges
    • trade schools
    • potential employers
    • adult service agencies

To supplement these program services, Pathways offers student activities such as: team sports, arts and music, outdoor education, and community service opportunities. In keeping with the Pathways mission, family activities are integrated into the school programs and include award presentations, holiday dinners, and parent education workshops

The Pathways School
Northwood at Hyattsville

3401 East West Highway, Suite 240
Hyattsville, MD 20782
(301) 853-3923

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